"Are We There Yet?"

Provides the raw uncut answers Black People need to hear. The excuses we’ve made over the years of not knowing what we need to do to change our current situation are now gone. This book takes excuses off the table. The harsh reality of the book dictates that WE have to take responsibility and accountability for OURSELVES, no one else will do that for us, an no one else can do that for us. “No one can help the Black Man until he decides to help himself.” - Malcolm X Shabazz

Take The $1000 Challenge

Martin L. Davis, CPP, CIPM

His first book “Are We There Yet” / The Ultimate Challenge has generated a tremendous buzz in African American Communities throughout the country. His hopes and aspirations are that his vision for People of Color span’s globally. Numerous Talk Show Host, various News Outlets, Magazines, and Syndicated Radio Stations are eager to have Mr. Davis on their program to discuss the list of challenges and directives outlined in his book “Are We There Yet?” / The Ultimate Challenge. 

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My Weekly Challenges

“Are We There Yet?” The Ultimate Challenge, I created a $1000.00 Payout to anyone that can present a lyric in a popular Hip Hop or R&B song written and released before August 1, 2014 where the N-Word can’t be replaced by “Brotha”, “Hitta” or “Hustla” and the B-Word can’t be replaced by “Sista”, “Chick” or “Piece” aka Dime Piece.

So go ahead and “Take the Challenge”. All you need to do is have proof of purchase of my book and send in your lyric entry.

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