About The Book

This book “Are We There Yet?” / The Ultimate Challenge provides the blue print of  What People of Color need to do in order to change their  standing in American society. The book delivers a blow-by-blow, step-by-step, challenge-by-challenge outline that speaks directly to the heart of the ills black  people are facing today in America, and how we can remedy those ills internally, without the help, permission, or assistance of anyone else.

As the book clearly states, we can’t Police away our problems, legislate our problems away, protest/march our problems away, or faith/religion our problems away.  We need to work this out  step-by-step and day-by-day, with the following philosophy in mind “We are all We got.”  It’s up to us and only us to decide if we want better for our people and our communities. 

“Are We There Yet?” provides the raw uncut answers Black People need to hear. The excuses we’ve made over the years of not knowing what we need to do to change our current situation are now gone. This book takes excuses off the table. The harsh reality of the book dictates that WE have to take responsibility and accountability for OURSELVES, no one else will do that for us, an no one else can do that for us.  “No one can help the Black Man until he decides to help himself.” Malcolm X Shabazz

“Take the Challenge!”  

Martin L. Davis, CPP, CIPM

Author & Activist