The Author

Martin L. Davis, CPP, CIPM 

Known Philanthropist, Community Organizer, Youth Mentor,  Career Development Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Political Activist. Martin Davis brings over 25 years experience in dealing with troubled youths to the table.  Martin’s frequent participation in various career day events, job fairs and providing professional interviewing techniques at the high school and college level has help many  students find positions in the security industry, as well as other facets of law enforcement.  Martin’s passion for the political process compels him to continuously promote the importance of voting,  voter registration, and battling against voter suppression. 

His first book “Are We There Yet” / The Ultimate Challenge has generated a tremendous buzz in African American Communities throughout the country. His hopes and aspirations are that his vision for People of Color span’s globally. Numerous Talk Show Host, various News Outlets, Magazines, and Syndicated Radio Stations are eager to have Mr. Davis on their program to discuss the list of challenges and directives outlined in his book “Are We There Yet?” / The Ultimate Challenge. Martin Davis’ candor, insight, truthfulness, and direct down to earth delivery on providing actual solutions for the Black Man & Woman has everyone talking about this book. 

Mr. Davis stated on the record that “This maybe just the first of other books to come.” But for now, come and “Take The Challenge”.