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Posted by greg cullen on May 27, 2014

It’s definitely time to retire the N-Word and the B-Word from our vocabulary starting NOW. We use these words far too often and way too leisurely when addressing and interacting with one another. The words are degrading to us as a people. We have enough folks in the world degrading and belittling People of Color without us doing it to ourselves. I want to start hearing “My Brother” and “My Sister” in place of the N-Word and the B-Word. 

This “Challenge” is very important to me. It’s important because it doesn’t cost us anything, and it will be one tremendous step in the right direction of uplifting and bringing our people closer together. If we can pull this challenge off, then People of Color working together on electing our Political Representatives,  Group Economics, and  demanding a new curriculum in our school system is very possible.

So first, I need YOU to commit to taking the challenge and start-using Brother and Sister instead of the N-Word and the B-Word. Then I need YOU to get with your friends, family, and fellow students to “Take the Challenge”. If YOU can do that, this new way of addressing each other will spread world wide like wild fire!  Are you with me? If so, be sure to upload your photo and words of support on

In my book “Are We There Yet?” The Ultimate Challenge, I created a $1000.00 Payout to anyone that can present a lyric in a popular Hip Hop or R&B song  written and released before August 1, 2014 where the N-Word can’t be replaced by “Brotha”, “Hitta” or “Hustla” and the B-Word can’t be replaced by “Sista”, “Chick” or “Piece”  aka Dime Piece.


So go ahead and “Take the Challenge”. All you need to do is have proof of purchase of my book and send your lyric entry to



Thank you. Be sure to check our my weekly challenges.